Indominus Rex

I have more teeth

So in Jurassic World they introduce us with its bad ass new dinosaur or so they claim. The Indominus Rex.

What am I?

Indominus Rex is highly intelligence, bigger than T-Rex, more vicious, more battle power and faster. Capable to blend in her surrounding with camouflage ability, adjust its body till thermal scanner cant detect her (i thought they are cold blooded), create diversion with scratches on wall and dig out tag planted in her body.

It all started out as peaceful as it use to be with 2 brothers Zach and his brother Gray on a trip to the Jurassic World theme park. Due to high cost in maintaining the park, they had to come out with new attraction to keep the park going.

You said is peaceful

So Claire the heroine together with Henry Wu, their head in lab created the Indominus Rex combining dinosaur dna and others known animal. But the Indominus Rex out smart them and cheated her way out of the cage using her new ability.

I thought u said bigger and rougher more enjoyable

The new Rex ran rampage killing whatever living being it encounter including dinosaurs. Back to Zach and Gray, they bump into this Rex in their hamster ball (gyrosphere), got chase and they run, repair a car and drove off.

Hey dude, we're in the hamster ball

Back to the Rex, she kill and kill and kill and free the Pteranodon and the flying bird start snatching humans for fun and fill their stomach. The Rex is unstoppable.

Fantastic Four

Owen use his Velociraptor which he nurture them from small to obey him to track the Rex. Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo with Owen as the alpha in the pack took off and found the Rex. Instead of helping Owen kill the Rex, these raptors switch side and now the Rex is their alpha. So Gun start shooting, bazooka firing, net gun, stun gun and human keep dying.

Ride with girls

Ship evacuated all visitor and left only Owen, Claire, Zach, Gray and Lowery a guy work in control room to fight the Rex. Those raptors switch side again recognising Owen as their father (maybe) gang up to fight Indominus Rex. Blue the raptor got KO when the fight start leaving 2 raptors in the fight ( 1 raptor died earlier)

Come to papa

Gray the dinosaur fanatic notice raptor teeth are not enough to take down the Rex and this is where Claire start to be useful. She command Lowery at control room to release the Tyrannosaurus and lure her to help in the battle in her high heel. Yap Claire can run faster than T-Rex in high heel, in fact she had been wearing high heel from the beginning.

Come on you bitch, I can run faster in high heel

So those raptors got chewed up and here come the big guy. T-Rex vs Indominus Rex. T-Rex got beaten up though she manage to wound the Indominus and before the Indominus give the final bite on T-Rex, Blue come to save the day. With blue on Indominus back, T-Rex fight back and successfully take down Indominus.

Oh that isnt the Indominus? Whatever I just eat it

Indominus got thrown near the Mosasaurus pool. Mosasaurus pop up, snatch the Indominus and bring her down the pool. T-Rex appreciate raptors help and ran off while Blue bid Owen farewell and ran off as well. They got saved and live happily ever after.

*All picture does not own by me. I just google them.


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