Japan – Hokkaido 10th June 2015 Day 1

Drive about 700km from my hometown Ipoh in my Ford Fiesta 1.6S on 9th June 2015 with both my parent, we took ANA airline at Changi Airport Singapore to Tokyo and transit to New Chitose airport Hokkaido.


We reached New Chitose airport at about 8am and took our first ramen there. I picked the hotate ramen which cost me 880 yen. It come in 3 flavour miso, salted and soy sauce. There are a lot of stalls to choose and if you dont like it here, there are also tonnes of other restaurant and a food court waiting to fill your tummy.

Our first stop is Noboribetsu Jigokudani also known as Hell Valley in a MPV rented by our tour guide. Jigokudani is surrounded by volcanic activities like sulphur stream, steam vents & boiling pools. There is a walking trail along the valley. Following the trail about half an hour, you will reach Oyunuma pond. A sulphurous pond with its water flow through the forest creating a river call Oyunumagawa. You can travel several hundred meters along the river to enjoy natural foot bath.


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